Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Live, Fail, Learn, Grow and Excel

As I get ready for bed,
My mind starts doing that habitual thing,
It couldn’t have found a better time
than the time I’m getting ready for some good rest?
My mind starts thinking of these 5 words:
Live, Fail, Learn, Grow and Excel
To break it down,
This is what came to mind...

I’m living right now. Huuh!!!
I’m alive and well thanks to our Father in Heaven.
But He created us for more than mere living:
He created us for a purpose.
Some find that purpose at an early age,
Some take a life time before they can figure it out,
But in our journey of finding that purpose in our lives
We fail miserably.

We fail miserably! We fail in the worst ways possible to man.
We get hurt and discouraged. We at times feel lost.
We want to give up. We fail time after time.
When we have the courage to get back up and try again,
We drop again and again.
But in all these failures, we are presented with a God-given gift
to learn from our mistakes.

We learn from all our failures.
We learn from every single little mistake.
We learn to talk, to walk, to sing, to write.
We learn to love and to hate;
We learn to fight and make peace.
We learn from all our mistakes and set backs,
and that’s when we start to grow.

We grow when we are able to learn from our previous setbacks.
We grow when we are able to look at our past as a time of training.
We grow when we are able to see our mistakes and move beyond them.
We grow when we are willing to admit that we were wrong.
We grow when we have the desire to develop and a strong will
to become a better human being.
When we have reached that point in our lives,
We excel.

Wow!!! That’s everybody’s favorite spot in life.
We want to excel at everything we do, at times to be recognized by others,
We want to live the life of excellency where everything is perfect and comfortable.
Now, there is no such thing as a perfect life,
but the feeling of accomplishment is very much worth living for,
In order to be at the top of the peak where the excellencies are
You must want to live.
At times we want to stop living,
but we dream big, we dream of the great unimaginable.
It is time you start living and make the unimaginable view-able.

You must live. Fail and learn in order to grow into who you are meant to be.

It is then that you will excel and live on the mountain’s highest peaks.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Successful Warriors

I woke up one morning looking at my surroundings and was saddened by what I saw.
I saw you and me fighting to stay alive,
fighting to live another day,
fighting to make sure we have food on the table.
For some it’s the fight to make sure their child has all s\he needs.
For others, it’s making sure they have everything
to get the education they need to get accepted for the job that will take them in;
For others, the desire to be accepted by others for who they are.
What saddened me the most was
that you are all capable of great things,
but you are not hitting your potential.
You only dream of the great things—dream
of becoming somebody great, healthy and wealthy,
but you don’t work to
become the great healthy and wealthy person your dreams are bursting with.
That person is you: believe it.
You are what you believe you are.
Day and night you talk yourself down
saying that you will never be great;
you will never be somebody
(when you are already somebody);
you will never get there, never “arrive”.
I have never known anyone to tear a person down like you tear yourself down.
Stop for a moment and take a deep breath.
You are a beautiful person.
You are great, and you are capable of great things.
Do what you do best and excel in it.
Learn from the pioneers.
They are successful because they tried things,
and they failed,
but they got up and moved forward.
Begin by doing what you can.
Acquire the most knowledge you can
knowledge is power and a vehicle that will take you places.
Liberate yourself from the circle that will lead you nowhere in the battle.
You used to live to survive.
Surviving is winning one battle or escaping defeat by an inch.
Now you must learn to fight to win—
not only one small battle but for victory
over every battle you will be fighting.
Arm yourself with the right weapons.
I’ll give a hint where to find one
(and it’s the best of them all):
Learn from the ones before you.
Learn to succeed!
Learn to live.

Learn to be the best of you!

Live, Fail, Learn, Grow and Excel

As I get ready for bed, My mind starts doing that habitual thing, It couldn’t have found a better time than the time I’m getting read...